African baby names for girls and boys

African babies names - Our database contain huge name list of African baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive African born baby names of African child's. Top African name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of African baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

African baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Abimbola Unisex Rich child
Adebowale Unisex Return of the crown
Adisa Boy The lucid one
Afua Girl Friday born child
Akuchi Unisex God is rich
Amaka Girl God is gorgeous
Ashanti Girl Aggressive, warlike
Ayodele Unisex Return of happiness
Ayotunde Unisex Come-back of happiness
Babajide Boy Father is coming home
Babatunde Boy Return of the father
Berko Boy Son first born
Boipelo Unisex Prideful
Cayman Boy Alligator
Chidubem Boy God is my guide
Chikelu Unisex Created by God
Chuks Boy God did great deeds
desta Unisex Pleasure
dubaku Unisex Child born eleventh
Ebele Girl Compassion
Ekene Unisex Acclaimed
Emeka Boy God did great deeds
Fumnaya Girl Give me love
Furaha Girl delight
Ife Girl Woman of love
Imamu Boy Spiritual leader
Jaz Boy Unclear
Kanye Boy Freedom
Kenya Girl From Mount Kenya
Keyon Boy Unclear
Kwame Boy Saturday child
Kwanza Boy First
Lekan Boy My wealth is growing
Lesedi Girl Woman of light
Makena Unisex delighted
Masego Unisex divine favor
Masika Girl Born on a rainy day
Mirembe Girl Woman of peace
Monifa Girl I am the fortunate one
Nakato Girl The second twin
Nia Girl Purposeful
Nkiru Girl The greatest will come
Nneka Girl My mother is the highest
Nnenne Girl Mother of my mother
Nomalanga Girl Sunlit
Nomusa Girl Filled with compassion
Nyala Girl Similar to antelope
Obasi Boy Honours God
Ogechukwukama Girl The greatest of God's times
Olamide Unisex My wealth has come
Olufemi Boy Adored by God
Omolara Girl Baby in the family
Onyeka Unisex God is the greatest
Raziya Girl Nice, pleasant
Sade Girl Honor bestowes a crown
Sekai Girl Funny
Simisola Girl Wealth is comfortable
Tumelo Unisex Having faith
Wekesa Boy Harvest child
Zalika Girl A well-born child
Zula Girl Unclear
Bongani Boy The grateful one
Bosede Boy Sunday child
Chiamaka Girl God is gorgeous
Chibuzo Unisex God give me directions
Chidike Boy The strength of God
Chike Unisex Power of God
Chikere Unisex Created by God
Chipo Girl Present
dada Girl One with wavy hair
dakarai Boy Exult
dayo Girl Pleasure is coming
deka Girl The pleasing one
dikeledi Girl Filled with tears
Efua Girl Friday born child
Ekua Girl Wednesday born
Emem Unisex Person of peace
Faraji Boy Solace
Femi Boy Adored by God
Folami Unisex One who demands respect
Imari Boy Faithful or loyal
Jaheem Boy dignified
Jelani Boy Full of strength
Jojo Unisex God raises
Katlego Unisex Achieving
Khari Boy Like a king
Kofi Boy Male child born on a Friday
Kojo Boy Monday born
Kunto Girl Third born
Lerato Girl Beloved woman
Mbali Girl Like a flower
Nala Girl Successful
Neema Girl Born during time of profusion
Nkechi Girl God's present
Nkiruka Girl The greatest will come
Nnenna Girl Mother of my father
Nombeko Girl Esteem
Nontle Girl Beauty's mother
Nuru Unisex Filled with light
Nyarai Girl Humble woman
Ogechi Girl The greatest of God's times
Olamilekan Boy My wealth is growing
Olufunke Unisex God took care of
Oni Girl Born on a sacred ground
Onyekachi Unisex God is the greatest
Rufaro Girl Joy
Rutendo Unisex Believing
Sauda Girl “blessed with good fortune”, “blessed with happiness and ease”
Simba Boy Lion
Subira Girl Forbearance
Tapiwa Girl Given
Tatenda Unisex I am grateful
Titilayo Girl Forever joyous
Tuma Boy Everlasting or forever
Yejide Girl Mother's picture
Zuberi Boy Powerful
Bomani Boy strong solDier'.
Chuma Boy beaD'.
Bem Boy peace'.
Rashidi Boy Thinker; counselor.
Shaka Boy The name of the Zulu tribal leader sometimes compared to Attila the Hun. Shaka shaped an amalgamation of tribes into the great Zulu nation in the early 19th century.
Fenyang Boy conqueror'.
Amadi Girl fateD to Die at birth'.
Jamelia Girl Beautiful (Somali).
Jamilla Girl Beautiful (Somali).
Jamille Girl Beautiful (Somali).
Jemila Girl Beautiful. (Somali and Swahili).
Ashia Girl Hope. Mythology: the wife of a Hindu demigod.
Mandisa Girl Sweetness. Sweet. (South African).

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