English baby names for girls and boys

English babies names - Our database contain huge name list of English baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive English born baby names of English child's. Top English name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of English baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

English baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Nevaeh Girl Nevaeh has no meaning apart from "Heaven" spelled backwards
Acton Boy From an oak tree town
Adney Boy Living on a noble's island
Aldwin Boy Old friend
Alvina Girl Friend of the elves
Anjanette Girl Gracious, merciful
Asbury Boy A fort close to ash trees
Ash Unisex Meadow of ash trees
Ashcroft Boy Ash tree farm
Ashford Boy Living beside the ash tree ford
Ashlyn Girl Meadow of ash trees
Aston Boy From the east town
Audrey Unisex Of noble strength
Axton Boy From a stone town
Bailey Unisex Governor, bailiff
Bainbridge Boy Useful bridge
Bancroft Boy Village on a hillside
Banks Boy From a hillside or riverbank
Barlow Boy Clearing of barley
Barnett Boy Living on a land cleared by fire
Barrington Boy A troublesome tribe or person
Barrow Boy Living by a grove
Bartley Boy Birch forest
Baxter Boy A person who bakes
Becker Boy Living near a stream
Beckham Boy Mattock maker
Berke Boy From a fortified castle
Berry Boy From a fortified castle
Beverly Girl Coming from the stream of beavers
Biff Boy Fighting playfully
Blake Boy dark or fair
Blossom Girl Blossom
Bolton Boy A house in a settlement
Bond Boy Bound by loyalty
Booker Boy dealing with books
Boston Boy From Boston
Braddock Boy Living near a broad oak tree
Bradford Boy A person living near a ford
Bradshaw Boy A very big thicket
Braelyn Girl Unclear
Bramwell Boy Coming from Bramwell
Brandon Boy A hillside covered with broom
Branton Boy Settlement where broom grew
Brenton Boy Fire village
Buck Boy Like a male deer
Buckminster Boy A goatherd's monastery
Buddy Boy Friend
Burgundy Unisex From Burgundy
Burl Boy A butler, cup bearer
Burne Boy A spring or stream
Burr Boy Sticking seed head
Byron Boy From a barn
Caden Boy Son of Cadan
Caldwell Boy Cold water source
Calhoun Boy Fighter
Callie Girl Free woman
Camden Boy Enclosed valley
Carlson Boy Son of Carl
Carrington Boy From a rocky settlement
Carter Boy Cart driver
Carver Boy Wood carver
Case Boy Container
Caspian Boy Caspian sea
Caswell Boy From an area with watercress
Caulton Boy Cattle farm
Chadrick Boy War or warrior
Chance Boy Good fortune
Channing Unisex Unclear
Chaplin Boy Priest, minister
Charlton Boy Peasant farm
Childers Boy A house with a child
China Girl Asian country
Churchill Boy A church on a hill
Clarkston Boy A town of clerks
Clay Boy From clay place
Clifford Boy A ford at the base of a cliff
Clint Boy A settlement near the river Glyme
Clive Boy Living near a cliff
Cloud Boy Like a cloud
Cobb Boy A well built man
Colby Boy Town of darkness
Cole Boy A person of swarthy appearance
Collens Boy A young hound
Colt Boy Taking care of horses
Colton Boy From Colton
Colyer Boy A person who works with coal
Concord Boy Unity, accord, harmony
Cordell Boy A person who makes rope
Corliss Girl Heartfelt
Corvin Boy A raven
Crawford Boy Crow ford
Creighton Boy A settlement on a ridge
Cromwell Boy The winding stream
Croston Boy A settlement by the cross
Cruise Boy A very bold or daring person
Custer Boy A sexton, sacristan
Cydney Girl Woman from a large island
dabria Girl Angel of death
dado Boy Wealthy guard
dale Unisex Living in a valley
dalton Boy Settlement in a valley
dane Boy From a valley
danita Girl From denmark
darla Girl dear, darling
darwin Boy A very dear friend
dawn Girl Sunrise, daybreak
dayna Girl From denmark
dayton Boy A settlement surrounded by a moat
deacon Boy A servant or friend
dee Unisex Unclear
dell Boy A dell or valley
delton Boy A settlement in a valley
demelza Girl From a fortress
denton Boy Settlement in a valley
devonte Boy Of a little deer
drayden Boy Unclear
drayton Boy From a farm where heavy goods are dragged
dryden Boy A very dry valley
du Boy Wealthy guard
dudley Boy From dudley
duke Boy A leader of men
dunham Boy A homestead on a hill
dyer Boy A dyer of cloth
Earlene Girl Noble woman
Eartha Girl From Earth
Easton Boy Settlement to the east
Ebony Girl Like dark smooth wood
Ed Boy Wealthy guard
Edgar Boy Prosperity from the spear
Edie Girl Fighting to be rich
Edita Girl Fighting to be rich
Edith Girl Fighting to be rich
Edmund Boy Rich guardian
Edrie Girl Wealthy monarch
Edson Boy Son of Eda
Eduard Boy Wealthy guard
Edvard Boy Wealthy guard
Edward Boy Wealthy Guardian
Edwin Boy A rich or wealthy friend
Edyta Girl Fighting to be rich
Ellwood Boy Coming from the elder wood
Elrond Boy Elf of the cave
Elton Boy Ella's land
Elvin Boy Noble friend
Era Girl Breeze
Erroll Boy Earl or nobleman
Ervin Boy Noble or boar friend
Esben Boy God of bears
Espen Boy God of bears
Essex Boy From East Saxons
Eton Boy Coming from a river settlement
Everwyn Boy Boar friend
Ewell Boy Spring
Fairfax Boy Pretty hair
Farnham Boy Meadow with ferns
Fawn Girl Little young deer
Fell Boy Living in the mountains
Felton Boy From a settlement near a pasture
Fenton Boy From a settlement near a marsh
Fielding Boy Pasture made by clearing a forest
Finch Boy Breeder or seller of finches
Fisher Boy Fisherman
Fitzhugh Boy Son of Hugh
Fleet Boy Creek
Fletch Boy One who feathers arrows
Forrest Boy From the woods
Freeborn Boy Born a free man
Fullerton Boy Settlement of bird catchers
Gaige Boy Person in charge of weights and measures.
Garland Boy A triangular bit of land
Gay Girl Full of joy
Ginger Girl Ginger woman
Glover Boy A person who makes gloves
Goldwin Boy Golden friend
Goode Boy Kind person
Graden Boy Son of Gradaigh
Graham Boy Gravel homestead
Graydon Boy A gray hill
Grayson Boy Son of the steward
Green Boy Coming from a green place
Greshawn Boy Unclear
Grey Boy Gray haired or bearded person
Greyson Boy The son of the steward
Grove Boy From a grove
Guthrie Boy A wind blown place
Gypsy Girl Gypsy woman
Hadley Unisex Meadow of heathers
Haines Boy Enclosure
Hale Boy Valley
Haley Girl Meadow of hay
Halle Girl Living in a manor
Hallstein Boy Settlement in a nook
Halsey Boy An island, neck of land
Hamilton Boy Bare hill
Hammond Boy High protection
Handy Boy Works with hands
Happy Unisex Happy
Harden Boy High valley
Harlan Boy Hailing from near an army land
Harlow Boy Rocky hill

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