Gaelic baby names for girls and boys

Gaelic, Irish babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Gaelic, Irish baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Gaelic, Irish born baby names of Gaelic, Irish child's. Top Gaelic, Irish name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Gaelic, Irish baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Gaelic baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Alby Boy White one
Bedelia Girl Powerful, strong
Birgitta Girl Powerful, strong
Bree Girl Higher power
Brian Boy Noble man
Bridget Girl Powerful, strong
Brigida Girl Powerful, strong
Bryan Boy Noble man
Cairbre Boy One who rides in a chariot
Caitriona Girl Chaste, pure
Cassidy Unisex One with curly hair
Ciara Girl Little dark girl
Colm Boy A dove
Conall Boy Powerful wolf
Courtney Unisex One with short nose
Cullen Boy The son of the holy one
desmond Boy From South Munster
Ennis Unisex From an Irish town
Fenella Girl One with a fair shoulder
Finian Boy White or fair
Finnian Boy White or fair
Fiona Girl Fair, White.
Gilroy Boy Ruler's servant's son
Gormlaith Girl Famous princess
Jannon Boy Fair haired
Keavy Girl Pretty, gentle
Keira Girl Little dark girl
Kieran Boy Small dark one
Kieron Boy Small dark one
Kira Girl Little dark girl
Kyran Boy Small dark one
Leary Boy Keeper of calves
Marcas Boy Rendered to Mars, warlike
Moira Girl Rebellious woman
Morna Girl Merry
Nessa Girl Not soft or gentle
Neve Girl dazzling
Nuala Girl One with a fair shoulder
Peadar Boy Rock
Pirjo Girl Powerful, strong
Quinn Unisex Wise, reasonable
Regan Unisex Riagan's descendant
Ryan Unisex Little ruler
Sloane Girl Raider, warrior
Sorcha Girl Beaming
Berit Girl Powerful, strong
Biddy Girl Powerful, strong
Birgit Girl Powerful, strong
Birte Girl Powerful, strong
Braden Boy Son of Bradan
Brianna Girl The noble one
Brita Girl Powerful, strong
Britt Girl Powerful, strong
Byrne Boy descendent of Bran
Carey Unisex Ciardha's descendent
Casey Unisex Alert, watchful
Culkin Boy A very learned man
domnall Boy Ruler of the world
donnchad Boy Brown warrior
Erskine Boy Over the knife
Fallon Girl Leader's daughter
Fergus Boy Man with energy
Finola Girl One with a fair shoulder
Fionola Girl One with a fair shoulder
Flannery Unisex Red bravery
Gittan Girl Powerful, strong
Kassidy Unisex One with curly hair
Keiran Boy Small dark one
Kelly Unisex Intelligent and bright
Kier Boy Small dark one
Kiernan Boy Small dark one
Kyra Girl Little dark girl
Mannix Boy Monk
Oisin Boy Small deer
Piritta Girl Powerful, strong
Pirkko Girl Powerful, strong
Reagan Unisex Riagan's descendant
Rowan Unisex Ruadhan's descendent
Sine Girl God is merciful
Slaine Girl Healthy
Boyne Boy White cow.
Braddon Boy Broad hillside.
Bradon Boy Broad hillside.
Braeden Boy Broad hillside.
Braedon Boy Broad hillside.
Brayden Boy Broad hillside.
Braydon Boy Broad hillside.
Breandan Boy Sword.
Channe Boy Young wolf.
Channon Boy Young wolf.
Bressal Boy Pain.Also aWar.
darce Boy dark one.
daric Boy Strong; oak-hearted. See also derek.
darick Boy Strong; oak-hearted. See also derek.
darrick Boy Rules the people.
darroch Boy Strong; oak-hearted. See also derek.
darrock Boy Strong; oak-hearted. See also derek.
Beacan Boy Small.
Bearach Boy Spearlike.
Beartlaidh Boy From Bart's meaDow.
davey Boy Beloved.
Becan Boy Small.
deegan Boy Black-haired.
Cian Boy Old; ancient; archaic.
delaine Boy From the elder tree grove.
Burnette Boy Bear; brown.
Burney Boy Bear; brown.
delancy Boy From the elder tree grove.
delane Boy From the elder tree grove.
Byme Boy Bear; brown.
Aengus Boy Unnaturally strong.
Cahal Boy Ready for war.
dermod Boy Free from jealosy.
dermott Boy Free from jealosy.
Cluny Boy From the meadow.
Berkley Boy The birch tree meadow. Also see Barclay and Burke.
Codell Boy Helpful.
desmund Boy From South Munster.Famous Bearer:Archbishop desmond Tutu (of South Africa).
Coilin Boy Virile.
Coillcumhann Boy From the narrow forest.
Aguistin Boy Majestic.
Ahern Boy Owns many horses.
dezmond Boy From South Munster.Famous Bearer:Archbishop desmond Tutu (of South Africa).
Caolaidhe Boy Slender.
Comhghan Boy Twin.
Con Boy Hero.
Conaire Boy Wise or red.
Conal Boy High and mighty.
Conan Boy HounD; elevateD. Famous bearer: Talk show host Conan O'Brien.
Conant Boy HounD; elevateD. Famous bearer: Talk show host Conan O'Brien.
Conlan Boy Hero.
Conlin Boy Hero.
Connal Boy High and mighty.
Connell Boy High and mighty.
Ailill Boy Sprite.
Conroy Boy Persistent.
dilan Boy Born near the sea.
Airleas Boy Pledge.
Carraig Boy From the rocky headland.
dillen Boy Like a lion.
Cony Boy Hill hollow.
Corcoran Boy Cork; reddish skin.Surname.
dinsmore Boy Hill fort.
Cori Boy From the round hill.
Corky Boy Hill hollow.
Cormack Boy raven's son.
Cormick Boy Charioteer.'raven's son.
Correy Boy Hill hollow.
Cathmor Boy Great fighter.
Corrick Boy Hill hollow.
Cathmore Boy Great fighter.
Cavan Boy Good-looking; handsome; from Cavan.
Ceallach Boy War; strife.
Cearbhall Boy Manly.
Cearnach Boy Victorious.
Cein Boy Archaic.
Coyle Boy Soldier; leader in battle.
donaghy Boy Brown warrior.
donnchadh Boy dark warrior.
dooley Boy Hero with dark skin.
dorran Boy Stranger.
dorrance Boy Stranger.
dorrel Boy Stranger.
dorrell Boy Stranger.
dorren Boy Stranger.
dorrin Boy Stranger.
Cullan Boy Good-looking lad.Also aHolly.
Cullin Boy Good-looking lad.Also aHolly.
Cully Boy Handsome or dwells at the woodland.
driscol Boy Mediator.
dubh Boy Black-haired.
dubhglas Boy From the darkwater.
Ea Boy Fire.
daeg Boy day.
daegan Boy Black-haired.
Meade Boy Honey wine or meadow.
Einri Boy Rules the home.
Seanan Boy Little old wise one.
Micheal Boy Form of Michael 'Who is like GoD?'.
Mitchel Boy Form of Michael 'Who is like GoD?'.
Shandy Boy from John.
Hannraoi Boy Rules the home.
Roane Boy Red-haired; red.
Euan Boy Possibly a.
Murchadh Boy Fighter of the sea.
Rooney Boy Hero.
Rourke Boy An ancient given name adopted as an Irish clan name. Surname.
Rowe Boy Red haired.
Royan Boy Red-haired; red.
Ruaidhri Boy Famous ruler. Red.
Ruanaidh Boy Hero.
Fagan Boy Eager child.
Fagin Boy Eager child.
Rye Boy Island meadow.
Ryleigh Boy Island meadow.
Ryley Boy Island meadow.
Farrel Boy Brave.
Fearghall Boy Courageous man.
Odran Boy Pale green.
Finan Boy Blonde child.

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