Germanic baby names for girls and boys

Germanic babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Germanic baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Germanic born baby names of Germanic child's. Top Germanic name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Germanic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Germanic baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Lumia Girl light of my life
Addy Girl Graceful and noble
Adelajda Girl Graceful and noble
Adelhard Boy Noble strength
Adelina Girl Graceful and noble
Adelmar Boy Noble strength
Adelmund Boy Of noble birth
Adelrik Boy Powerful and strong ruler
Afonso Boy Noble and prepared
Akela Unisex Graceful and noble
Alajos Boy Well-known fighter
Alana Girl Valuable, precious
Alanis Girl Valuable, precious
Alaric Boy Emperor of all
Alberte Girl Wise and graceful
Alda Girl Old but graceful
Aldemar Boy Well known for his experience
Alder Boy Alder tree
Aldrich Boy Wise sage
Alfonse Boy Noble and prepared
Alfred Boy Advice from elves
Alida Girl Graceful and noble
Allar Girl Alder tree
Allovera Girl True stranger
Aloisio Boy Well-known fighter
Alphie Boy Elf wisdom
Alric Boy Ruler over all
Alt Boy Old, senior
Altman Boy Man who is old
Alvar Boy Elf warrior
Amory Boy Home power
Ano Boy Immaculate
Ansel Boy Nobleman's follower
Anselma Girl Protective like God's helmet
Ansgar Boy Spear of god
Auberon Boy Elf ruler
Aubriella Girl Ruler of elves
Aveline Girl Longed for
Avery Unisex Ruler of elves
Avila Girl Longed for
Baldrick Boy Bold ruler
Barend Boy As brave as a bear
Barnat Boy As strong as a bear
Barrett Boy Rule like a bear
Bedrich Boy Calm monarch
Belinda Girl Pretty snake
Benz Boy The blessed one
Berenger Boy As brave as a bear
Berman Boy Bear man
Bernadette Girl As strong as a bear
Bernarda Girl As strong as a bear
Bernhold Boy Ruling like a bear
Bernie Unisex As strong as a bear
Bernt Boy As strong as a bear
Berta Girl Brilliant, bright
Bertie Unisex Wise and graceful
Bertram Boy As bright as a raven
Bertwin Boy Bright friend
Billie Unisex Will to protect
Blanka Girl The white one
Branca Girl The white one
Brand Boy Living beside land cleared by fire
Brant Boy Sword
Brunhild Girl Like battle armor
Burt Boy A settlement near a fort
Carla Girl Free woman
Carly Girl Free woman
Carolina Girl Free woman
Carolyn Girl Free woman
Charlene Girl Free woman
Charleston Boy Free man
Charlize Girl Free woman
Chip Boy Someone resembling his father
Colbert Boy Helmet of brightness
Cord Boy Bold or wise counselor
Corey Boy Unclear
Curt Boy Bold or wise counselor
delbert Boy Bright, noble
deloise Girl Warrior of glory
dick Boy daring power
diedrich Boy A powerful ruler of the people
diesel Boy People, race
dietrich Boy A powerful ruler of the people
dodge Boy A famed spear
dolphus Boy distinguished wolf
donner Boy Of a fierce temper
Eckbert Boy A keen edged sword
Edda Girl Fighting a battle
Edelmar Boy Noble and famous
Edmonda Girl Rich guardian
Eggert Boy As strong as the edge of a sword
Egon Boy From the sword edge
Ehren Boy Unclear
Einhard Boy The hard edge of the sword
Elda Girl Fighting a war
Eldric Boy Old and rich ruler
Elfreda Girl Counsel of elves
Elmira Girl “cardamom” (a plant with fragrant seeds)
Eloise Girl Healthy woman
Elvira Girl True stranger
Emerson Unisex Home power
Emory Boy Powerfully courageous
Erhard Boy Respectable and courageous
Erma Girl Universal woman
Erna Girl Serious and earnest woman
Erno Boy Serious minded
Ervins Boy Noble or boar friend
Ethelbert Boy Noble and bright
Eudes Boy Wealth or riches
Evelyn Unisex Longed for
Everest Boy Courageous like a boar
Everhard Boy Courageous like a boar
Evonne Girl Of the yew tree
Faramond Boy Journey
Ferdinand Boy Brave yet peaceful
Fernanda Girl On a daring trip
Fernao Boy Brave yet peaceful
Fillmore Boy Famous
Freda Girl Counsel of elves
Frederica Girl Calm monarch
Frederico Boy Calm monarch
Fredrick Boy Calm monarch
Fredrika Girl Calm monarch
Frida Girl Woman of peace
Frigyes Boy Calm monarch
Fryderyka Girl Calm monarch
Fulbright Boy Extremely famous
Gaincarlo Boy Free man
Garrett Boy As hard as a spear
Garrison Boy Son of Gary
Geary Boy Fickle, spear
Geneva Girl Leader of the tribe
Geoff Boy A peaceful ruler
Geraldine Girl Ruler with spear
Gerard Boy Strong like a spear
Gerhard Boy Strong like a spear
Gerry Unisex Ruler with spear
Gertie Girl The strongest spear
Ginette Girl Leader of the tribe
Giselle Girl Oath
Gizi Girl Oath
Gjurd Boy Peaceful and good
Goddard Boy As strong as God
Godfried Boy Peaceful and good
Godtfred Boy Peaceful and good
Gottlieb Boy dear or beloved to God
Graves Boy A steward
Griselda Girl Fighting in darkness
Griswald Boy Grey haired ruler
Gualter Boy Army rule
Gunther Boy Army
Gustav Boy Staff of the Gods
Hadwin Boy Strong friend
Halden Boy Half dane
Hamblin Boy Home
Hamlin Boy Home
Harman Boy A famous man in the army
Harriet Girl Ruler of the house
Harrison Boy Harry's son
Harry Boy Army Ruler
Hartman Boy Fast runner
Hawke Boy Hawk
Haynes Boy Hawthorne
Hedda Girl Fighting a battle
Hedwig Girl Fighting a battle
Heikki Boy Ruler of the house
Heinrich Boy Ruler of the house
Hellerson Boy Son of Heller
Helma Girl Stout protector
Helmut Boy Courageous protection
Henderson Boy Henry's son
Hennie Unisex Ruler of the house
Henri Boy Ruler of the house
Henrietta Girl Ruler of the house
Henrique Boy Ruler of the house
Henryk Boy Ruler of the house
Herberto Boy Famed warrior
Herman Boy Army man
Hermine Girl Army woman
Hernando Boy Brave yet peaceful
Herrick Boy Army rule
Hilbert Boy Brilliant in combat
Hilda Girl Fighting a war
Hildegard Girl Protecting against battle
Hildur Girl Fighting a war
Hillard Boy Courageous in battle
Hilliard Boy Courageous in battle
Hindrick Boy Ruler of the house
Houston Boy Intelligent
Huberta Girl Woman with clever mind
Hughes Boy Intelligent
Ida Girl Hardworking woman
Idella Girl Hardworking woman
Ilda Girl Fighting a war
Ildo Girl Fighting a war
Imelda Girl Fighting the whole battle
Inka Girl Of Ing
Isotta Girl Fighting the ice battle
Ivette Girl Of the yew tree
Ivonne Girl Of the yew tree

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