Greek baby names for girls and boys

Greek babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Greek baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Greek born baby names of Greek child's. Top Greek name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Greek baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Greek baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Aileen Girl Halo around the moon
Tobias Boy The goodness of God
Aeneas Boy Praising
Aesop Boy Unclear
Agamemnon Boy Resolute and inflexible
Agda Girl Good-hearted
Agnes Girl Sacred, chaste
Agnete Girl Sacred, chaste
Agot Girl Good-hearted
Ajax Boy Powerful eagle
Alec Boy defending men
Alecta Girl Ceaseless
Alejandra Girl Protector of humanity
Aleksander Boy defender of man
Aleksy Boy defender of man
Ales Boy defender of man
Alessandra Girl Protector of humanity
Aleta Girl Truthful
Alex Unisex Protector of humanity
Alexander Boy defender of man
Alexei Boy defender of man
Alyosha Boy One who helps people
Alyx Girl Protector of humanity
Ambrogio Boy Everlasting
Ambrose Boy To be immortal
Anastazja Girl Ressurection
Anatoli Boy From the East
Andela Girl God's messenger
Anders Boy Virile, manly
Andras Boy Virile, manly
Andrea Girl daring
Andrei Boy Virile, manly
Andries Boy Virile, manly
Andris Boy Virile, manly
Andy Unisex daring
Anfisa Girl Flower girl
Angel Unisex God's messenger
Angelica Girl God's messenger
Angelique Girl God's messenger
Angie Girl God's messenger
Angyalka Girl God's messenger
Aniela Girl God's messenger
Aniello Boy God's messenger
Annis Girl Sacred, chaste
Anthea Girl Blooming flower
Antigone Girl Against being mother
Apollo Boy Virile, manly
Arsen Boy Virile, potent, strong
Artyom Boy Follower
Aspasia Girl Welcoming
Astra Girl Like a star
Athena Girl Unclear
Atticus Boy Coming from Attica
Aurianna Girl The most holy
Babs Girl Stranger, foreigner
Bacchus Boy Make a loud noise
Baptiste Boy dipping in water
Barabal Girl Stranger, foreigner
Barbara Girl Stranger, foreigner
Barbora Girl Stranger, foreigner
Barbro Girl Stranger, foreigner
Bart Boy Rich in land
Bartholomew Boy Rich in land
Bazyli Boy Imperial, monarchic or royal
Bishop Boy Supervisor of spiritual things
Borbala Girl Stranger, foreigner
Brisa Girl Unclear
Bronte Unisex Receiver
Broos Boy To be immortal
Cajsa Girl Chaste, pure
Calandra Girl Lark
Calla Girl Loveliness
Callisthenes Boy Beautiful and strong
Caris Girl Gracious, kind
Catalina Girl Chaste, pure
Catia Girl Chaste, pure
Catrina Girl Chaste, pure
Charis Girl Gracious, kind
Charissa Girl Gracious, kind
Chloe Girl Little green sprout
Christoffel Boy Bearing Christ
Chrysanthe Girl Flower of gold
Chrystal Girl Ice looking
Cintia Girl Born on Cynthus
Claes Boy People's triumph
Claus Boy The conquering people
Cleo Unisex Father's glory
Cletus Boy Called forth, glorious
Cloe Girl Little green sprout
Collin Boy People's triumph
Colson Boy People's triumph
Coral Girl Coral
Corinthian Boy From Corinth
Cosimo Boy Courtesy, order
Cristo Boy Bearing Christ
Cristovao Boy Bearing Christ
Crystal Girl Ice looking
Cyan Boy A greenish blue color
damiana Girl The taming one
danae Girl Running dry
delphina Girl Woman from delphi
demi Girl Mother of land
denes Boy Follower of Zeus
denisa Girl dedicated to God
dennis Boy Follower of Zeus
deondre Boy Brave, manly
desdemona Girl Afraid of God
diamond Girl Infrangible, unbreakable
dike Girl Woman of justice
dimitri Boy From the mother of land
dinis Boy Follower of Zeus
dionte Boy Follower of Zeus
docia Girl devoted to God
dora Girl God's gift
doreen Girl “complexion”, “appearance”, “countenance”
dorete Girl God's gift
dorika Girl God's gift
doris Girl Woman from doris
dorita Girl God's gift
doroteia Girl God's gift
dorottya Girl God's gift
dorte Girl God's gift
dottie Girl God's gift
draco Boy A dragon or serpent
drea Girl daring
drew Unisex Man's child
dyson Boy Follower of Zeus
Efigenia Girl Born to be strong
Eilidh Girl Sympathy, compassion
Eireen Girl Woman of peace
Elaina Girl Torch of light
Eleanor Girl light, radiance, it is a variant of El-Nour, which is a common pronunciation of Al-Nour (light)
Electa Girl Ceaseless
Elek Boy defender of man
Elida Girl From Elide valley
Eliina Girl Torch of light
Elin Girl Torch of light
Ella Girl Sympathy, compassion
Ellen Girl Torch of light
Ellinor Girl Sympathy, compassion
Eneas Boy Praising
Erasmo Boy dear or dearest
Eris Girl Woman of discord
Esmeralda Girl Green gemstone
Etiennette Girl Woman with crown
Eugene Boy Of noble descent
Eunice Girl Victory of goodness
Euphemia Girl Good speaker
Eustace Boy Bearing fruit
Evander Boy Good man
Evgeni Boy Of noble descent
Fedora Girl God's present
Felipinho Boy Friend of horses
Ferris Boy Man of vigor
Filipe Boy Friend of horses
Filippa Girl Friend of horses
Flip Boy Friend of horses
Frona Girl One with common sense
Gaia Girl From the Earth
Gala Girl Woman of serenity
Galina Girl Woman of serenity
Genesis Girl The beginning
Genie Girl Woman well-born
Gennadiya Girl Woman of generosity
Georg Boy Farming man
Georgette Girl Farming woman
Georgina Girl Farming woman
Gergely Boy Awake or watchful
Giles Boy Wearer of goat's skin
Gino Boy Well-known fighter
Goran Boy Farming man
Greet Girl Pearl
Greg Boy Awake or watchful
Gregers Boy Awake or watchful
Gregson Boy Awake or watchful
Gretchen Girl Pearl
Grigori Boy Awake or watchful
Grzegorz Boy Awake or watchful
Gyorgyi Girl Farming woman
Gyuri Boy Farming man
Halina Girl Woman of serenity
Heck Boy To possess or to hold
Heitor Boy To possess or to hold
Helen Girl Torch of light
Heracles Boy Hera's glory
Hippocrates Boy Powerful as a horse
Homer Boy A hostage
Hyacinth Girl Hyacinth flower
Hyperion Boy One who goes over
Iines Girl Sacred, chaste
Ilene Girl Torch of light
Ilka Girl Torch of light
Ilona Girl Torch of light
Indigo Unisex Person from India
Iosif Boy God will increase
Iren Girl Woman of peace
Irene Girl Woman of peace
Iria Girl Woman of peace
Irinushka Girl Woman of peace
Irja Girl Woman of peace

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