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Italian babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Italian baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Italian born baby names of Italian child's. Top Italian name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Italian baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Italian baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Amedeo Boy God's love
Augusta Girl Exalted
Aurelia Girl Golden
Beatrice Girl Voyager
Benedetto Boy The blessed one
Cara Girl darling
Celeste Girl Sublime
Cesare Boy Head full of hair
Chiara Girl Bright and clear
Clarissa Girl Bright and clear
Colonel Boy A column
domenico Boy Lord's child
donatello Boy donated
durante Boy Steadfast
Enzo Boy Ruler of the house
Francesca Girl Woman from France
Franco Boy French man
Fulvia Girl Blonde-haired
Gaetano Boy From Gaeta
Giambattista Boy John the Baptist
Giulia Girl Soft-haired
Giustina Girl Fair, rightful
Jenoah Boy Unclear
Laura Girl Bay laurel tree
Lauretta Girl Bay laurel tree
Lazzaro Boy My helper is God
Lia Girl Beautiful rose
Madonna Girl Lady of mine
Marcella Girl Young warrior, rendered to Mars
Maurizio Boy A dark skinned person
Michelangelo Boy Michael, the angel
Nero Boy The strong one
Ottavio Boy Eighth
Palmiro Boy Pilgrimage or religious expedition
Paola Girl Tiny, petite
Pasquale Boy Easter-related
Regina Girl Queen
Renata Girl Reborn
Renzo Boy City of laurels
Ricci Boy Crinkly or curly
Romolo Boy From Rome
Rosetta Girl Rose blossom
Scilla Girl Old-time, ancient
Sebastiano Boy From Sebastos
Silvestro Boy From the woods
Stella Girl Like a star
Tatiana Girl Unclear
Urbana Girl The one who lives in the city
Venetia Girl From Venetia
Verona Girl Unclear
Vincenza Girl The one who conquered
Bambi Girl Little girl
Biaggio Boy Stammering, stuttering
Bice Girl Voyager
Bonavento Boy Good fortune
Camilla Girl Priest's attendant
Capriana Girl Unclear
Cristiano Boy Christian man
dante Boy Steadfast, faithful
dino Boy Various
donna Girl Lady-like
Fabia Girl Lovely bean
Fabrizio Boy Skilled worker
Faustina Girl The lucky one
Gina Girl Queen
Giuliano Boy Wearing a soft beard
Gloria Girl Woman of glory
Ladonna Girl Lady-like
Marcello Boy Pledged to Mars
Mauro Boy A dark skinned person
Oriana Girl Golden, sunrise
Paolo Boy Tiny, petite
Placido Boy Calm or placid
Priscilla Girl Old-time, ancient
Romano Boy Coming from Rome
Rosalia Girl Beautiful rose
Salvatore Boy Savior
Santino Boy Saint
Saverio Boy New home
Severin Boy Austere or grim
Silvano Boy A man from the woods
Soren Boy Austere, severe or grim
Tonio Boy Worthy of admiration or praise
Valentino Boy Hale and healthy
Ventura Boy Good luck or fortunate
Veronica Girl Victory bearer
Viola Girl Violet flower
Vitale Boy Vital
Zita Girl Small girl
damiano Boy one who tames; subDues.' The Belgian priest Father Damien gave his life helping the Hawaiian lepers of Molokai. 3rD Century St. Damian is patron of physicians.
daniele Boy GoD is my juDge'.
Adriano Boy dark;. From Adria.: (The Adriatic sea region.).
Caseareo Boy Long haired.
Corrado Boy Sage counselor.
donato Boy Abbreviation of Donatello 'gift from GoD.
drago Boy dragon.
Martinus Boy Warrior of Mars.
Edmondo Boy prosperous'.
Vincenzio Boy Victor.
Vittorio Boy Victor.
Egidio Boy Young goat (kid); squire.
Enea Boy Born ninth.
Riccardo Boy Powerful; strong ruler.
Xiomar Boy Famous in battle.
Ruggero Boy famous spear'.
Stefano Boy Crown of laurels.
Horry Boy Timekeeper. DeriveD from the Roman clan name Horatius. The close frienD of Hamlet in Shakespeare's trageDy.
Stephano Boy The Merchant of Venice' Servant to Porita. 'The Tempest' A Drunken butler.
Felicio Boy Lucky.
Ferdinando Boy aDventurer'.
Fidelio Boy Fidelity.
Ignazio Boy Fiery.
Orsino Boy Little bear.
Pascual Boy Passover.
Gabriele Boy GoD given strength'.
Geomar Boy Famous in battle.
Piero Boy rock'.
Geremia Boy sacreD'.
Pietro Boy rock'.
Giomar Boy Famous in battle.
Bruna Girl dark haired.
Calendre Girl Lark.
Calinda Girl Contemporary blend of the Italian/Greek Calandra with Linda.
Calynda Girl Contemporary blend of the Italian/Greek Calandra with Linda.
Cameo Girl Sculptured jewel.
Agnella Girl Pure.
Agnese Girl Pure.
Carmelina Girl Garden.
Albinia Girl White. A feminine form of Albin, introduced into Britain from Italy in the early 17th century. The name was frequently used by members of the aristocratic Cecil family and their descendants.
Catarina Girl Form of the Greek Catherine meaning pure.
Alexandra Girl A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men, used in Britain since early 13th century; it became popular after the marriage of the 1863 marriage of future King Edward VII to Princess Alexandra of denmark.
Cerelia Girl Of the spring.
Alonza Girl Ready for battle.
Florenza Girl Flowering.
Gabbie Girl Woman of God. An Italian form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.
Gaby Girl GoD's able-boDieD one.
Gaetana Girl From Gaete.
Gaetane Girl From Gaete.
Cira Girl Sun.
Constanza Girl Constancy; steadfastness.
Ghita Girl Pearl.
Marietta Girl Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter.
Gulielma Girl An Italian feminine form of William, meaning resolute or determined protector.
Jemma Girl dove. Little dove. In the Old Testament, Jemima was one of the three beautiful daughters of Job (the other two were Keziah and Keren).
Sancia Girl Holy.
Serafina Girl From the seraph.
Benigna Girl Gracious.
Eleanora Girl Shining light, or bright one. AGreek Helen.
Nicia Girl People's victory.
Teresina Girl which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning.
Ysabel Girl conseacrated to God.

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