James William Name Meaning

The meaning of James William in english is James Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Supplanter Or Follower James Is The English Form Of Jacob William; Germanic Meaning Protection. James William is in top trending baby Boy names list. James William Origin and Usage belong to Hebrew Baby Names. Its Pronunciation is JAY-mes-WIL-ee-am. This name is especially approved for 'Boys' Gender.

Meaning of James William, Gender, Pronunciation, Origin & Usage, Lucky number

Name: James William
Gender: Boy
James William Name Meaning in English' James Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Supplanter Or Follower James Is The English Form Of Jacob William; Germanic Meaning Protection '
Pronunciation: 'JAY-mes-WIL-ee-am'
James William Name Origin'Hebrew'
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  • What is the meaning of James William?

James William has a unique meaning James William name meaning in english is 'James Of Hebrew Origin Meaning Supplanter Or Follower James Is The English Form Of Jacob William; Germanic Meaning Protection.'

  • What is the origin and usage of James William?

James William belong to 'Hebrew ' origin & usage is Hebrew

  • How do you write James William?

It wrote like that James William

  • What would be the gender for the name James William?

Gender for James William is Boy

  • How to Pronounce James William?

The Pronunciation of James William is JAY-mes-WIL-ee-am

James William Similar Names.

James William retain similarity with these names Jameelah, Jameel, James, Jameson, Jamesina, Jamena, Jameela, Jameena, Jameerah, Jamesha, Jamel, Jamee, Jamelia, Jamey, Jameelu, Jameer, Jamere, Jameir, James Edward, James William, James Matthew, James Joseph, James Richard, Jameala, Jameika, Jameisha, Jameka, Jamekia, Jamesia, Jamesica, Jamessa, Jamen, Jamesie, Jameze, Jame, Jamese, Jamela, Jamesetta, Jameis, Jamell,

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