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Russian babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Russian baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Russian born baby names of Russian child's. Top Russian name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Russian baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Russian baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Bogdan Boy God has rendered
Borya Boy Battle, war or fight
demyan Boy A tamer
Faddey Boy Gift given by God
Feliks Boy Happy
Fyodor Boy Powerful ruler of the people
Gavriila Girl God's bravest woman
Inna Girl Coming from water of strength
Ioann Boy God has favored me
Kazimir Boy Keeper or destroyer of peace
Klava Girl Feeble woman
Konstantin Boy Constant and steadfast
Kostya Boy Constant and steadfast
Manya Girl Rebellious woman ( Baghi orrat )
Matrona Girl Lady-like
Matvey Boy God has rewarded
Motya Boy God has rewarded
Nadezhda Girl Filled with hope
Rasputin Boy Badly behaved child
Ruslan Boy Lion man
Sasha Unisex Protector of humanity
Serafima Girl The one that burns
Snezhana Girl From the land of snow
Svyatopolk Boy Celebrating people
Timur Boy Iron man
Vadim Boy Ruler
Verusha Girl Verity, truth
Vladimir Boy Ruler of the world
Vladislava Girl Famous ruler
Volya Boy Free will
Yelizaveta Girl Promise of God
Bogdana Girl Lord has rendered
Elizaveta Girl Promise of God
Fedor Boy Powerful ruler of the people
Kodiak Boy An island
Liliya Girl Lily flower
Lizaveta Girl Promise of God
Luba Girl Loving woman
Maksim Boy The great
Masha Girl Rebellious woman
Nadzieja Girl Filled with hope
Nata Girl Birthday of Christ
Osip Boy God will increase
Pavel Boy Small and humble
Polina Girl Tiny, petite
Rada Girl Filled with care
Roza Girl “radiant”, “beautiful”
Slava Unisex Person of fame
Stanislav Boy Becoming famous
Stas Boy Becoming famous
Svetlana Girl Shining woman
Uliana Girl Soft-haired
Vadik Boy Ruler
Vladimira Girl Greatest ruler
Volodya Boy Ruler of the world
Vova Boy Ruler of the world
Yaromir Boy Man of peace
Yaroslava Girl Spring glory
Brends Boy crowneD with laurels'.
Berdy Boy Very intelligent.
dimitrios Boy Earth-lover.
dimitry Boy Earth-lover.
dmitri Boy Earth-lover.
Grigor Boy On the watch.
Vitenka Boy Victor.
Vladik Boy Peaceful or has glory.
Vladislav Boy Has glory.
Vyacheslav Boy Has glory.
Serge Boy An attendant.
Serguei Boy An attendant.
Seriozha Boy An attendant.
Seriozhenka Boy An attendant.
Yaremka Boy Appointed by God.
Yerik Boy Appointed by God.
Evgenii Boy noble'.
Yura Boy Farmer.
Yurii Boy Farmer.
Yurochka Boy Farmer.
Faddei Boy Bold; brave.
Fadey Boy Bold; brave.
Zivon Boy Alive.
Foma Boy Twin.
Iov Boy From Job.
Jov Boy Form of Job 'persecuteD'.
Agafia Girl Good.
Agrafina Girl Born feet first.
Feodora Girl DeriveD from the Greek TheoDora, meaning GoD's gift.
Galenka Girl God has redeemed.
Galya Girl God has redeemed.
Anouska Girl name Ann.
Antonina Girl Praiseworthy. Feminine of Anthony.
Czarina Girl Feminine of czar. Russian equivalent to a female caesar or empress.
Marisha Girl dew.
Asenka Girl Grace.
devora Girl Bee.
Mila Girl People's love.
Helenka Girl Light.
Sinovia Girl Stranger.
Narkissa Girl daffodil.
Natassia Girl Born at Christmas.
Eleni Girl Shining light.
Irisa Girl Rainbow. Also a flower name. Iris was the mythological messenger-goddess who rode on rainbows from heaven to earth to deliver messages from Olympus.
Ivane Girl Feminine of Ivan: GoD's gracious gift.
Ninette Girl Russianname Anne: favour; grace.
Lidia Girl From Lydia.
Ursola Girl Little bear.
Valeska Girl Victorious leader.
Velika Girl Wonderful.
Mara Girl Bitter or grace.
Zenevieva Girl white shoulders.

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