Scottish baby names for girls and boys

Scottish babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Scottish baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Scottish born baby names of Scottish child's. Top Scottish name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Scottish baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Scottish baby names for girls and boys - Top Listed

Annag Girl Gracious, merciful
Artair Boy As strong as a bear
Athol Unisex New Irish land
Beathag Girl Living
Beitris Girl Voyager
Cailean Boy A dove
Carson Boy Unclear
Cormag Boy Son of the raven
daividh Boy Adored
dallas Unisex Living on a clearing
donaldina Girl Ruler of the world
dugald Boy The dark stranger
Ealasaid Girl Promise of God
Eanraig Boy Ruler of the house
Eimhir Girl Quick
Fergie Unisex Vigorous
Frangag Girl Woman from France
Fraser Boy From a strawberry growing area
Graeme Boy Gravel homestead
Greer Unisex Cautious person
Hendry Boy Ruler of the house
Irvin Boy Water of green
Irving Boy Water of green
Iseabail Girl Promise of God
Ishbel Girl Promise of God
Isla Girl From the Islay island
Isobel Girl Promise of God
Jaydan Boy Unclear
Jockie Boy God is merciful
Karsen Boy Unclear
Keitha Girl Forest
Kirsteen Girl Christian woman
Lachie Boy Land filled with lakes
Laird Boy Landlord or owner of land
Lilias Girl Lily flower
Lorna Girl From Lorne
Mairi Girl Rebellious woman
Munro Boy Bald, red
Neilina Girl Champion
Ranald Boy Wise ruler
Rodina Girl Renowned chief
Seonaid Girl God is merciful
Seumas Boy Following after
Shug Boy Intelligent
Sileas Girl Blinded
Teasag Girl God is merciful
Beileag Girl Promise of God
Bhaltair Boy Army rule
Bonnie Girl Attractive
Boyd Boy Son of the yellow haired
Cairistiona Girl Christian woman
deoiridh Girl Pilgrim woman
donalda Girl Ruler of the world
donella Girl Ruler of the world
Eideard Boy Wealthy guard
Fingal Boy White foreigner
Forbes Boy From a field
Frang Boy French man
Grizel Girl Fighting in darkness
Irvine Boy Water of green
Jamesina Girl Following after
Jock Boy God is merciful
Keith Boy Forest
Lachina Girl Land filled with lakes
Lileas Girl Lily flower
Lockie Boy Land filled with lakes
Lorne Boy From Lorne
Malina Girl Follower of Saint Columba
Marsaili Girl Young warrior, rendered to Mars
Nandag Girl Gracious, merciful
Padraig Boy A nobleman
Rabbie Boy Brilliant fame
Ronalda Girl Wise ruler
Seoc Boy God is merciful
Sineag Girl God is merciful
Banner Boy Flag; ensign bearer.
Bretton Boy Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain:.
Broc Boy Badger.
Broderic Boy Brother.
Brodric Boy Brother.
Brodrick Boy Brother.
Achaius Boy Friend of a horse.
Bearnard Boy Bear strong.
davidson Boy DaviD's son.
Busby Boy Forest village.
denholm Boy Scottish village.
Caillen Boy Virile.
Caley Boy Slim; slender.
Coburn Boy Surname and place name.
Coby Boy Supplanter
Camp Boy Crooked mouth.
Colquhoun Boy From Colquhoun.
Comyn Boy From Comines.
diarmad Boy Free man.
Aindreas Boy Manly.
Cathair Boy From the broken mossy ground.
Cauley Boy Relic.
Cawley Boy Relic.
Alasdair Boy defender; protector of mankind.Famous Bearer:Alexander the Great.
domhnall Boy World ruler; rules the world.
Blane Boy Thin.
Blaney Boy yellow
Crayton Boy Border dweller.
Crisdean Boy Follower of Christ; Christ.
donnel Boy great chief.
Cunningham Boy From Cunningham.
dunn Boy Brown-skinned soldier.
Goraidh Boy Peaceful.
Gordain Boy Hero.
Gordan Boy Hero.
durell Boy King's Doorman.
Mathe Boy Bear.
Gow Boy A smith.
Scottie Boy From Scotland; a Gael.
Scotty Boy From Scotland; a Gael.
Wal Boy “supporter”, “helper”
Ramsay Boy From Ram's islanD.
Ramzey Boy Ram's islanD.
Reade Boy Redheaded. Surname.
Hamish Boy James - in Gaelic, Seumas, Seanius.
Redd Boy Redheaded. Surname.
Morrison Boy Son of the servant of Mary.
Sholto Boy Sower.
Robertson Boy Son of Robert.
Munroe Boy Man from Ro.
Murdoc Boy Protector of the sea.
Murdock Boy Protector of the sea.
Neilan Boy champion
Neill Boy Champion.
Rossiter Boy Red. Surname.
Rosston Boy Red. Surname.
Roth Boy Red. Surname.
Royal Boy Rye hill.Royal.
Royall Boy Red.
Farquhar Boy from the Gaelic Fearchar, meaning 'frienDly man' or 'very Dear one'. Famous bearer: an early king of ScotlanD.
Iain Boy Scottish 'Gift from GoD'.
Fionnlagh Boy Fair-haired soldier.
Firth Boy Arm of the sea.
Innes Boy From Innes.
Frasier Boy of the forest men.
Frazer Boy From a Scottish surname based on a French place name. Famous bearer: British actor Frazer Hines.
Padruig Boy royal.
Parlan Boy Farmer.
Gair Boy Short.
Gilbride Boy Servant of St. Bridget.
Gilleasbuig Boy Sacred and bold.
Keeley Boy Wood.Surname and place name that has only been used as a first name (either gender) in the latter half of the 20th century.
Aileene Girl Bright, shining light
Fia Girl dark of peace.
Chrissy Girl Christine, or any feminine name beginning with Chris-.
Christi Girl Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
davinia Girl Beloved. Feminine of david.
Moibeal Girl Lovable.
Muire Girl Bitter or from the moor.
Siusan Girl Lily.
Blaire Girl Field of battle.
Iseabal Girl consecrated to God.
Nessia Girl From the headland.
Nessie Girl pure; chaste. Nessie is also the nickname given to the fabled Loch Ness monster.
Laine Girl Serves John.
Laren Girl Serves Lawrence.
Larena Girl Serves Lawrence.
Laurie Girl A :from the place of the laurel leaves.Famous Bearer:Laurie Lee, author of Cider with Rosie.
Tira Girl Land.
Linsey Girl A lake; a place of linden trees.
Lyndsey Girl A lake; a place of linden trees.
Nimmo Boy Nimmo is a surname of Irish/Scottish origin

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