Top 150 Modern and Unique Baby Names of English

  1. Jeh (Boy) : The Letter J; Jay Bird

  2. Reign (Girl) : To Lord Over; To Take Charge; Keeping People In Line

  3. Isabella (Girl) : €œbeautiful”; €œattractive”; And Literally Means €œsoft And Delicate”

  4. Anika (Girl) : Goddess Durga

  5. Dudu (Boy) : Wealthy Guard

  6. Jax (Boy) : God Is Merciful

  7. Mishkat (Boy) : It Is Like A Shelf To Put Lanterns On; But The Shelf Is Embedded Inside The Wall)

  8. Skylynn (Girl) : Form Of The Name Skylar Meaning Someone Who Likes To Study

  9. Twilight (Girl) : Dusk; Dhund Laka; Shakh Inspired By The Book Series By Stephenie Meyer

  10. Skylah (Girl) : Of Great Intelligence; Pursuant Of Knowledge And Truth

  11. Chelsea (Girl) : Born On A Pier

  12. Mylah (Girl) : Mylah Means Merciful The More Common Spelling Is Myla

  13. Robina (Girl) : Blessing With Love; Waterfall

  14. Alan (Boy) : Handsome

  15. Sienna (Girl) : From Siena

  16. Langford (Boy) : From An Area With A Long River Crossing

  17. Tylan (Boy) : A Alternative Of The Occupation Name Tyler Which Means Person Who Makes Or Puts Down Tiles Or Bricks

  18. Taytum (Girl) : Old English Last Name Meaning Grateful And Happy

  19. Shaquan (Boy) : Unclear

  20. Braylon (Boy) : Variant Of Braylyn; The Name Means From The Lake & Brick Layer It Can Also Be Used For Girls

  21. Hazel (Girl) : The Hazel Tree

  22. Skylee (Girl) : Variant Of Skylar Meaning Someone Who Likes To Study

  23. Elio (Boy) : Variant OfElliot; Which Is Derived From The Biblical Prophets Name Elijah; Meaning The Lord Is My God

  24. Norah (Girl) : Light

  25. Ayvah (Girl) : Variant Of Ava; Full Of Joy And Life; Always With A Song In Her Heart

  26. Fiona (Girl) : Fair; White

  27. Edite (Girl) : Fighting To Be Rich

  28. Ashley (Girl) : Lives In The Ash Tree Grove

  29. Avira (Girl) : Intelligent

  30. Roni (Boy) : Joy Is Mine

  31. Yaneli (Girl) : Prideful; Accepts Nothing Less Than The Best

  32. Cataleya (Girl) : A Flower Name; Cataleya Is A Type Of Orchid

  33. Raylee (Girl) : Raylee Means A Place Where Animals Rest It Can Also Be Used As A Boys Name

  34. Caysen (Boy) : Variant Of Kason; The Name Means Untainted

  35. Moisha (Girl) : Language Of Origin Is English

  36. Jaelyn (Girl) : Variant Of Jay; The Name Means Winner It Also Refers To A Jay Bird

  37. Alain (Boy) : Celtic Name Alan Meaning Harmony; Stone; Or Noble Handsome

  38. Empress (Girl) : Like Its English Meaning; This Name Signifies A Female Ruler Of A Vast Kingdom

  39. Taelynn (Girl) : Variant Of The Name Taylor Which Means Person Who Cuts & Fixes Clothes

  40. Abriella (Girl) : From The Name Gabrielle; Pillar Of Strength Derived From God

  41. Rylynn (Girl) : Rylnn Is Royalty At Its Best; Meaning Beautiful Little Queen It Is Also Spelled Rylnn

  42. Emberly (Girl) : Contagious Enthusiasm; Lover Of Nature; Free Spirit

  43. Jaxx (Boy) : Variant Of Jackson; Fights Through Any Curveball Life Throws At Him

  44. Cashton (Boy) : A Town Surrounded By Trees

  45. Alita (Girl) : Winged

  46. Jaz (Boy) : Unclear

  47. Elvin (Boy) : Noble Friend

  48. Vix (Girl) : Victor; Conqueror

  49. Journee (Girl) : A Spelling Alternative Of Journey Of Course A Journey Brings You From One Place To Another And So Does A Baby For Some Theres A Spiritual Aspect To This Name

  50. Robinette (Girl) : Small Robin

  51. Kaylan (Boy) : anD Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.

  52. Kip (Boy) : Copied From Old English Origin Meaning One From The Pointed Hill It Is A Short Form Of The English Name Kipp

  53. Nik (Boy) : LorD. Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goDDess of victory anD root origin of 'Nicholas.

  54. Reu (Boy) : His Friend; His Shepherd

  55. Venice (Boy) : The Merchant of Venice' The Duke of Venice. 'The TrageDy of Othello' The Duke of Venice.

  56. Zyler (Boy) : A Alternative Of The Occupation Name Tyler Which Means Person Who Makes Or Puts Down Tiles Or Bricks

  57. Hyatt (Boy) : High Gate

  58. Ivy (Girl) : Climbing Plant

  59. Eliah (Boy) : God The Lord

  60. Innocentia (Girl) : Without Guilt

  61. Lavine (Girl) : Of Latin Origin And It Is Used Mainly

  62. Angelina (Girl) : Angel

  63. Vanessa (Girl) : Unclear

  64. Kalem (Boy) کلیم : A Truthful Man

  65. Lyrik (Girl) : This Musical Name Is A Modification Of The English Wordlyric; Meaning Words Set To Music Or Poetic Words

  66. Harry (Boy) : Army Ruler

  67. Bradley (Boy) : Broad Clearing

  68. Paityn (Girl) : Paityn Is A More Feminine Spelling Of The Unisex Name Peyton It Is Derived From The English Surname Peyton And Means Rustic

  69. Yarely (Girl) : Yarely Means God Is My Brightness

  70. Jobelle (Girl) : Yahweh Is Gracious

  71. Emilia (Girl) : Competitor; Rival

  72. Elyza (Girl) : My God Is Bountiful; God Of Plenty

  73. Irvin (Boy) : Water Of Green

  74. Stiles (Boy) : From Near Steep Climb

  75. Gina (Girl) : Queen

  76. Tyrese (Boy) : Related To The Name Ty; It Is Commonly Used In The English Language; Meaning He Who Pounds At The Door At Night

  77. Xayden (Boy) : Variant Of Aden; The Name Means Good-looking

  78. Yulissa (Girl) : Form Of Julissa; Teller Of The Truth; Honest

  79. Rhylee (Girl) : Derives From Riley Which Was Originally A Surname Based On A Place Name; Meaning Rye Field

  80. Buba (Boy) : Boy; Brother

  81. LaNiyah (Girl) : Sensitive; Caring And Thoughtful

  82. Rayleigh (Girl) : Variant Of Riley; Lithe Like A Deer; Quick And Agile

  83. CJ (Boy) : Cj Is An Abbrievative Name Usually Based A Persons Initials

  84. KC (Girl) : Nickname For One With The Initials K C Also AIrish Name Casey; Meaning: Alert; Vigorous

  85. Divine (Girl) : A Modern Name Meaning Literally Divine Or A Alternative Of The Name Divina From The Hebrew For Beloved Or Friend

  86. Jay (Boy) : Various

  87. Elmar (Boy) : Awe Inspiring

  88. Yuel (Boy) : Born During Christmas

  89. Emoni (Girl) : Variant Of Imani; The Name Means Faith And Believe

  90. Favour (Girl) : Faye; A Pet Form Of Favour Is Of Old English Origin Meaning Fay; Fairy

  91. Luvi (Girl) : Love

  92. Cyan (Boy) : A Greenish Blue Color

  93. Amira (Girl) عامرہ : Well Populated

  94. Gloria (Girl) : Woman Of Glory

  95. Alvin (Boy) : Old English Name

  96. Anastasia (Girl) : Resurrection

  97. Kaius (Boy) : Kaius Means To Give Praise

  98. Moody (Boy) : Arrogance

  99. Kamiyah (Girl) : Lover Of Art And Music; Seeks To Understand Different Cultures

  100. Jai (Girl) جائی : Win Or Success

  101. Kinsleigh (Girl) : Variant Of Kinslee; Meaning Land Of The King The Name Can Also Be Used For Boys

  102. Jae (Boy) : Like Jason And Jacob

  103. Ayessa (Girl) : Alive; She Who Lives

  104. Elleri (Girl) : " Island With Elder Trees"

  105. Kalen (Boy) : anD Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.

  106. Audrey (UniSex) : Of Noble Strength

  107. Harlem (Boy) : Does Well In The Face Of Adversity; Peacemaker

  108. Rilynn (Girl) : Rilynn Has Royalty Written All Over It; Meaning Beautiful Little Queen

  109. Gracyn (Girl) : Short For Graceanne; Kind; Eager To Help Others

  110. Zoel (Girl) : Alive

  111. Caspian (Boy) : Caspian Sea

  112. Avia (Girl) : My Father Is Lord

  113. Taelyn (Girl) : Taelyn Means A Sharp Claw Traditionally It Was Only Used For Boys But Its Now Getting Popular Among Girls

  114. Ramsey (Boy) : Island On Which Garlic Grows

  115. Jella (Girl) : Woman Of God; Heroine

  116. Cassandra (Girl) : Shine Upon Mankind

  117. Vanny (Girl) : Butterfly Also; From Phanessa; The Mystic Goddess Of An Ancient Greek Brotherhood

  118. Azel (Boy) : Noble

  119. Elys (Girl) : My God Is Yahweh; Blissful

  120. Priscilla (Girl) : Old-time; Ancient

  121. Heather (Girl) : Flowering Plant

  122. Neyo (Boy) : Deriving From The Element Neos; The Name Neyo Is A Alternative Of The Name Neo And Translates As Meaning New

  123. Maylee (Girl) : Maylees Namesake Comes From The Roman Earth Goddess; Based On The Fifth Month Of The Year

  124. Lareen (Girl) : Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree (symbols Of Honour And Victory)

  125. Kash (Boy) : Kash Means Money; Profit; Its Often Spelled Cash

  126. Lianne (Girl) : A Compound Of Lee: Wood; And Anne: Grace; FavourCan Also Be A : Downy; HairyCan Also Be Derived From Helen: Liight; Beautiful Woman; And A: Youthful; Bond

  127. Wayne (Boy) : One Who Makes Or Drives Wagons

  128. Melvin (Boy) : Bad Settlement

  129. Alvina (Girl) : Friend Of The Elves

  130. Ellie Mae (Girl) : Variant In Spelling Of May It Is Also A Hebrew Name Meaning Bitter

  131. Maxwell (Boy) : Pool Of Maccus

  132. Langley (Boy) : Long Life

  133. Sunshine (Girl) : Sunshine

  134. Rylin (Girl) : Variant Of Rylan And Ryland; The Name Means A Place Where Rye Is Grown

  135. Stella (Girl) : Like A Star

  136. Zayden (Boy) : Unclear

  137. Jazzy (Girl) : Modern; Combination Of Jocelyn And The Musical Term Jazz

  138. Taylon (Boy) : Tailor Surname

  139. Emeri (Girl) : Variant Of Emery Meaning Strong And Powerful It Is More Commonly Seen As A Boys Name

  140. Everly (Girl) : From A Wild Boar Meadow

  141. Bryson (Boy) : Brice' S Son

  142. Zimra (Boy) : Song Of Praise

  143. Sid (Boy) : From A Large Island

  144. Dickson (Boy) : Dick' S Son

  145. Jolina (Girl) : A Well-established Compound Of Jo-

  146. Kamelia (Girl) : Flower Name Camelia

  147. Reeve (Boy) : Nickname For A Bailiff

  148. Jenaya (Girl) : MoDern name baseD on Jane or Jean; BaseD on Janai meaning 'GoD has answereD. '.

  149. Jowell (Boy) : Variant Of Jewell; The Name Means The Lord Is My Savior

  150. Kapri (Girl) : Caprice

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