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Amalure Girl Homeland.
Gertmda Girl Strong with a spear.
dioxippe Girl An Amazon.
Mahmude Girl Praised. Commendable.
Garwyli Boy Legendary son of Gwydaawg Gwyr.
Plexippus Boy An Argonaut.
Gillecriosd Boy Christ bearer.
Marhildi Girl Famous battle maiden.
Cundry Girl Woman who condemns Percival.
Gwladys Girl A, meaning lame.
Najjiyyah Girl Beneficial. Useful.
Eferhilda Girl Bear or warrior maiden.
Eguskine Girl Sunshine.
Loordes Girl Place in France where Virgin Mary reportedly appeared to a young girl and miracles of healing subsequently took place.
Margeret Girl Pearl.
Margred Girl Pearl.
Margrit Girl Pearl.
dusty Unisex Tough like a stone of Thor
Ablendan Boy Blind.
Cochlain Boy Hooded.
Coltrane Boy young horse;frisky.
Glistenheath Boy The place where Sigurd killed Fafnir.
Shamhuth Boy desolation, destruction.
Pemton Boy From the pool farm.
Pfeostun Boy From the Priest's farm.
Townly Boy From the town meadow.
Picaworth Boy From the wooDcutter's estate.
Gersham Boy Exiled.
Jehovahshalom Boy The Lord send peace.
Jeroenr Boy Holy name.
Jerrall Boy Strong; open-minded. Blend of Jerold and darell.
Jerzyr Boy Farmer.
Chaundra Girl Of the moon.
Angharat Girl A love of Peredur.
Annuziata Girl Named for the Annunciation.
Maryska Girl Bitter.
Mellicent Girl Strong.
deloros Girl From the seashore.
derforgala Girl Servant of dervor.
Mertysa Girl Famous.
Mujaahida Girl Crusader. Warrior.
Nabeele Girl Noble. Magnanimous.
OIethe Girl Honest.
Thorunna Girl Mother of Bishop of Bjorn.
Tryphana Girl delicate.
Marelde Girl Elfin Mary.
Margisia Girl Pearl.
Burhdon Boy Lives at the castle.
Aethiops Boy An Ethiopian.
dhavlen Boy White.
Carollan Boy Small champion.
Biford Boy Lives at the river crossing.
Gruffen Boy Fierce lord.
Wigmaere Boy Famous in battle.
Shephard Boy Shepherd.
Muhammad Taqqi Boy Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
Ffodor Boy Legendary son of Ervyll.
Hwistlere Boy Piper.
Otokars Boy Rich.
Pelltun Boy From the pool farm.
Phantasos Boy Son of Hypnos.
Pippino Boy He aDDs'.
PoIlux Boy Brother of Helen.
Preece Boy Son of Rhys.
Pslomydes Boy A knight.
Punites Boy Beholding, my face.
Uptun Boy From the upper farm.
Calvina Girl Bald.
Almundena Girl Refers to the Virgin Mary.
Anastazia Girl Resurrection.
Anasztaizia Girl meaning she shall rise again.
Andsware Girl Answer.
Gustaafa Girl GoD's staff.
Salbatora Girl Savior.
Jennet Girl Heaven. Garden.
Melusina Girl dark skinned.
Semadar Girl Berry.
Seyyada Girl Lady. Mistress.
Shaleeqa Girl Real sister. Migraine.
Sharaara Girl Spark. Lightning.
difyr Girl Amusing.
dorlisa Girl A vision.
downett Girl Bard.
duldne Girl Sweet.
Khrystina Girl Christian.
Stokkard Girl Hardy tree.
Egbertina Girl Shining sword.
Bixenta Girl Victory.
Koldobike Girl Renowned holiness.
Krodha Girl Anger.
Ktisztina Girl Christian.
Elivina Girl Good elf.
Laurlnda Girl Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory).
Leucothia Girl A sea nymph.
Torree Girl DeriveD from Victoria 'triumphant.
Osburga Girl Name of a queen.
Tzzipporah Girl Bird.
WiIhemine Girl Firm defender.
Mahmoode Girl Praised. Commendable.
Xeveria Girl Owns a new house.