Muslims Baby Names With Meanings

Islamic babies names - Cool and attractive Islamic born baby names of child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Islamic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Syamlaan Boy Choosing a ripe date fruit
Abdul Qahaar Boy Servant of the Subduer. The Almighty.
Zwaahir Boy derived from Arabic(zahara) meaning "to become clear, to emerge".
Abdul Raouf Boy Servant of the Most Merciful.
Abdul Mujib Boy Servant of the Responder.
Abdul Shakur Boy Servant of the Most Thankful.
Mawdood Boy Beloved, attached.
Muqbala Girl This was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz.
Rasyiiq Boy Nice body shape, Strong
Khwazun Boy Movement / Moving.
Mutiul islam Boy Obedient (follower) of Islam.
Abdullaah Boy Servant of Allah, Slave of Allah
Abdul Baasit Boy Servant of the Extender, Creator.
Abdul Latif Boy Servant of the Kind.
Abdul Mutaal Boy Servant of the Most High.
Abdul Nasser Boy Servant of the Helper. Granting Victory.
Abdul Qudus Boy Servant of the Most Holy.
Abdul Waahid Boy Servant of the One.
Khawli Boy “foreman”, “chief”
Mustakfi Boy “needless”, “one who has what suffices him”
Mutamid Boy One who relies upon Allah.
Maysormais Girl Proud gait
Shariykah Girl Companion, partner
Shahrdad Boy “cosmopolitan”, “city-born”
Busyr Boy Cheerful face
Bahiyy al din Boy Magnificence of the faith
Bahiyudeen Boy The magnificent of the Faith
Baadiyah Boy Name of a sahahiyyah.
Musaaid Boy lucky
Ismaael Boy A Prophets name
Yaarunnabi Boy Friend of the Prophet (Muhammad)
Hawaari Boy Loyal follower, Messenger, Pupil
Mareer Boy “strong”, “resolved”, “firm of will”
Abdul Khaaliq Boy Servant of the Creator.
Abdul Mateen Boy Servant of the Firm. Strong.
Abdul Raheem Boy Servant of the Most Compassionate.
Abdul Rahmaan Boy Servant of the Mercifully Gracious.
Khilfah Girl “successor”, “that which replaces something else”
Mijbar Boy “one who mends and improves things”, such as a person who mends the relationships between people, or a person who mends a broken object
Ghasharob Boy طاقتور شخص
Shaafiah Girl One who deprecates, one who intercedes, advocate, patron, a mediator.
Rashaqa Girl Graceful, stature, grace, elegance.
Kedma Girl Towars the east
Shahrbanou Girl Lady of the town (good)
Khoorsheeda Girl Sun
Sheeftah Girl Enamored, fascinated, charmed, captivated
Wrashmin Girl Silken.
Syariifuddin Boy Religion's Nobility
Syafruddin Boy BlaDe of religion's sworD
Shunnar Boy Pleasant
Shadee Boy Singing sweetly
Hammaam Boy Strong desire, Active
diwan muhammad Boy Court of the Prophet Muhammad.
dhaamir Boy Thin, Slim, Slender
Buqrat Boy An ancient physician.
Budayl Boy Name of a companion of the Prophet
Bahiyyal Boy Magnificence of the faith
Maliih Boy Beautiful, Cute, Handsome
Naifnail Boy Aquirer, earner
Mushaddiq Boy Trusts, Allow
Murtadi Boy Satisfied, contented, pleased
Muhafiz ud din Boy Preserver of the religion
Muhadzhab Boy Have perfect politeness, Educated
Mughiits Boy defender, Helper
Abdul Fataah Boy Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance).
Abdul Lafif Boy Servant of the kind one.
Abdul Waahid Boy Servant of the One.
Abdul Razaaq Boy Servant of the Maintainer. The Provider.
Abdul Salaam Boy Servant of the Peace.
Abdul Samee Boy Servant of the All-Hearing.
Abdul Wahid Boy Servant of the One.
Amatul Muqaddim Girl “servant of the Presenter”, which means “servant of Allah” as al-Muqaddim is one of the names of God
Qaymayriyah Girl She was a student of Hadith.
dhakaa Boy (Zakaa) Keen perception, sharpness of mind, deep insight, sagacity. Name: Zakaa’ ud deen.
Saoib Girl اچھی دوست ، ملن ہار
Shaaheen Boy A royal white falcon.
Shaariqah Girl Radiant, shining.
Taalea Girl Fortunate
Waarithah Girl (Waarisah) An heir, a master, a lord, an owner, a successor.
Yuhnna Girl خدا کا فضل
Zauqia Girl شوق سے مرعوب
Marqooma Girl Writter, stated, well-defined.
Maysaa Girl Walking with pride
Sabbaaqa Girl Triumphant, Superior, Pre eminent
Murvareed Girl Pearl
Mushtaree Girl Jupiter,planet
Baheeja Girl “beautiful”, “radiant”, “glowing with health and freshness”
Nadjiba Girl assiduous
Najmiyyah Girl “star-like”, one who is like a star in radiance and beauty
Samitah Girl Mighty.
Shahrbano Girl Lady of the city.
Ohelah Girl Tent
Shiyaaj Girl Endeavour, strife, hardwork.
Wordah Girl Rose
Yamaamah Girl Intention, design, Maiden who could see a person at a distance of three days
Zakiyaa Girl Pure
Zarqabano Girl Blue eyed princess
Zumarrada Girl Emerald,Precious stone
Ibshaam Boy A Fragrant Tree, Perfume, Aroma, Scented odour,
Syahiir Boy Famous
Syaahiin Boy Eagle
Shpoon Boy Herder.
Samiir Boy A friend to talk at night
Saleemuz Boy Safe, mild, affable, perfect, name of a sahabi
Sabbaan Boy Soap maker
daalii Boy Grape with light color
Bahiy ud din Boy Radiant
Baha ud dawlah Boy Magnificance of the state
Qasidul haq Boy Courier of the Truth
Lutf ul baari Boy Kindness of the Creator.
Awelijama Boy Man of somali
Asyhab Boy Grey coloured
Khaliq us subhan Boy Worthy of the Glory (Allah).
Khaadhi Boy Low profile, Loyal, Faithful, Obey
Aqqaad Boy Maker of trimmings, haberdasher.
Naasir ud dolah Boy defender of the state, Naasir (defender), ud (the), dolah (state)
Naasir Boy defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend, Protector, Granting victory
Alhusayn Boy diminutive of the handsome, the good, name of the Prophets (pbuh) grandson
Akhtarzamir Boy One possessing an enlightened mind
Jasim ud din Boy Great (man) of the religion
Adbul qawi Boy Servant of the Most Powerful
Abu moosa Boy A well-known Sahabi
Abu ayyub Boy A well-known Sahabi
Abdun nasir Boy Servant of the Helper.
Abdul khafiz Boy Servant of the descender
Aalamgir Boy Conqueror of the world
Abdul Hakeen Boy One who serves a wise man.
Abdul Razaq Boy Servant of the Maintainer. The Provider.
Abdul Alim Boy Servant of the Omniscient.
Abdul Azeez Boy Servant of the Mighty. The Powerful.
Abdul Azim Boy Servant of the mighty.
Abdul Fataah Boy Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance).
Abdul Hafiz Boy Servant of the Protector.
Abdul Muhaimin Boy Servant of the Supervising. The Guardian. The Protector.
Abdul Rauf Boy Servant of the Most Merciful.
Abdulla Boy Servant of Allah; servant of God.
Rakeenah Girl “composed”, “dignified”
Baseemaa Girl “one who smiles”, “happy”, “cheerful”
Amatul Muqit Girl “servant of the Keeper”, which means “servant of Allah” as al-Muqit is one of the names of God
Amatul Hakam Girl “servant of the Arbitrator”, which means “servant of Allah” as al-Hakam is one of the names of God
Khatibah Girl “fiancee”
Bukran Boy “early morning”, “dawn”
Basimi Boy “joyful”, “happy”, “one who smiles often”
Masoodan Boy “one selected by a group of people to be their chief and leader”
Fateemat Girl “a baby that has been weaned off breast milk”
Khasabah Girl “blessed”, “filled with blessings”
Farbad Boy “majestic”, “great”
Tuqa Tuqaa Girl Heedfulness of God
Ghasmeer Boy سخی
Haalah Girl “halo”, the circle of radiance that surrounds the moon on some nights of the year
Khabira Girl Aware, knowing.
Khdyo Boy مصری بادشاہوں کا لقب
Kowaisah Girl Handsome, pretty, name of a Sahaabiyah.
Lutfana Girl Kind, Helper
Moutee Boy دینے والا ، الله کا صفاتی نام
Mutazid Boy One who takes assistance (of Allah), petitioner of justice.
Naazhirah Girl (Naazirah) Fresh, spectator, seer.
Nadbim Boy ہمدم - قریبی دوست
Raashidah Girl Pious, follower of the right path.
Sadaaqat Boy Truth
Sallaam Boy Very safe, well, sound.
Shawhf Boy عقابی نظروں والا
Tareeda Girl ڈھونڈنے والی
Toqie Girl عزت دینے والا
Tuleqa Girl خوش رہنے والی
Zebeeh Boy ذبح کیا ہوا
Zohaka Girl ہستی مسکراتی ہوئی
Abbaasah Girl Lioness, Sister of Haroon Rashid
Fusaylah Girl Some distance
Fuseelah Girl Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH.
Mashmool Girl Included, sought, after, searched for.
Mastanah Girl Joyful
Masudah Girl “happy”, “joyful”
Badriyyah Girl Resembling the full moon
Kaamla Girl Perfect
dhuha Girl Forenoon
Shabibah Girl “young woman”
Shaghalay Girl Contended.
Shaperai Girl Fairy.
Shaymaa Girl to look out
Syaibaan Boy Overcast and snowy weather
Shawwan Boy Flaming rock, Granite, Materials to make glass
Hammaadi Boy Praising
Safiyy ullah Boy The Choice of Allah swt
Saamii Boy High position, Noble, Generous
Baadir Boy Shining
Nazhif Boy Clean
Khaliqus subhan Boy Worthy of the Glory (Allah).
Khairudeen Boy The good of the Faith
Naajy Boy Safe
Abdur rauf Boy Servant of the Compassionate
Abdun naafe Boy Servant of the Giver of Gains
Husam ud dawlah Boy Sword of the state.
Miftaah Boy Key
Meherdad Boy Given by the sun
Masyal Boy Place for a lighted lamp, Torch
Abdud daar Boy Servant of the depriver